Privacy Policy

The information contained in this policy has been published to inform you of the way in which any personally identifiable and sensitive Personal Data you may provide us with or we collect from you will be used. We are fully committed to the protection of your privacy at all times and we recommend that you read our privacy policy carefully in order to fully understand how we treat your personal data.

RiverBlack (us, we, or our) operates the river.black website.


All questions about data protection at RiverBlack can be directed to hello@river.black

What is this notice for?

RiverBlack collects certain personal data about its clients, potential clients, cooperation partners, as well as our potential future employees. We collect such data, for example, to be able to respond to requests for new business, send newsletters you have subscribed for and process job applications. We also use analytics on our website to learn how it is used and how we can improve it.

What data do we collect and how do we use such data?

For marketing purposes, we process and store personal data such as your name, company, email address, title and phone number. We collect consent beforehand for all external communication featuring personal data (such as posts, interviews, photographs, sound files) on our website, in social media, etc.

We also process personal data in relation to our projects, such as name, company, email address, title and phone number. This data is provided by the client and other project participants. We will never ask for sensitive personal data of any kind unless there are legal grounds for the request.

We use this data for

Managing the client and business relationship between you and RiverBlack

Processing requests sent to us, providing our services and pursuing the legitimate interests of RiverBlack related to such request and services

Promoting our services and communicating with you and sending newsletters you have subscribed for

Analysing, planning and improving our operations.

Your data is not shared with any other parties than RiverBlack, unless expressly required by applicable laws of public authorities. We may also share your data to our trusted partners if processing your request or provision of our services requires us to do so.

As a rule, we collect the above described data directly from you or in context of your dealings with us. We may also obtain certain information from reliable public sources.

RiverBlack has a legitimate interest to process the above listed personal data for the purposes described above. This interest is based on your connection with us and concerns e.g. your position in a company related to us or your request to us.

Cookies and analytics

We use cookies on our website to improve the website and its user experience. Cookies are small text files that a browser saves on the user’s device and they are used, for example, when a service wants to save a user’s information when the user moves from one website to another. If you do not want to use cookies you can change your cookie settings at any time in your browser. Please note that disabling cookies might impact the functioning of our website.

When you access our website, we ask for your consent to allow us to store the following cookies on your device:

Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics to collect information about how users use our website. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. These cookies collect the number of visitors to the website, where visitors have come to the website from and the pages they visited. You can read more about these cookies and how Google safeguard them here.

Facebook Pixel – We use Facebook Pixel to measure, optimize and build audiences for advertising campaigns served on Facebook. It allows us to see how users move between devices when accessing our website and Facebook and targeting Facebook advertising to users most likely interested in such advertising by analyzing which content the user has viewed on our website. For more information about Facebook Pixel, please see here.

How long do we store your data?

Personal data may never be stored longer than its purpose permits. We store personal data in relation to projects for as long as needed to fulfill our obligations by contract or law, such as warranties or liability. For external communication purposes, we store personal data as long as purpose and consent remain.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to request accessing, erasing and correcting your personal data processed by RiverBlack as well as send us any other requests based on then applicable data protection laws such as request restriction of processing of the data. Further, you always have the right to prohibit us from sending newsletters or other marketing messages to you. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email: hello@river.black

How do we secure your data?

All personal data we collect is considered confidential. Access to the data is made available only to such employees of RiverBlack and its group companies as is necessary for them to perform their work related to your data. The network and equipment of RiverBlack and its partners have been secured by using appropriate measures to protect the personal data against unauthorised access and accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unlawful forms of processing.

We may outsource our processing of personal data to external service providers. In such event we enter into appropriate agreements with such providers to ensure that your personal data is processed confidentially and in accordance with this Privacy Notice and applicable laws.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

We may update this Privacy Notice as we improve our website and operations. The updated notice will be made available on our website.

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