Our Approach: 3D visualization from start to finish

1. Initial Information Gathering
To oversee and manage the key stages of your project, ensuring top-quality results, we start by collecting all necessary information. This step includes obtaining drawings (typically DWG files), photographs of the site, color schemes, specifications, and other relevant materials. Our project manager will meticulously review these materials and clarify any details needed for accurate visualization. Different projects require different types of information. For example, interior visualizations necessitate understanding the design style, whereas exterior visualizations focus on the site location and architectural drawings.
2. Modeling and Clay Render
Once we have all the required information, our modelers begin crafting the 3D model. At the end of this phase, we will send you a grey-scale preview to confirm the angles and viewpoints. During this stage, our manager will also discuss mood and lighting references with you. If needed, we can create a quick AI-generated sketch for more efficient coordination. You are welcome to suggest adjustments to the angles, though this is often unnecessary as our artists are adept at highlighting your project from the best perspectives.
3. First Preview
Creating realistic lighting, textures, materials, and fine details typically takes a few days. The result is a 2K resolution render preview, allowing you to evaluate and understand the final appearance. Before sending the image, we perform a thorough check to ensure it meets your requirements and includes artistic details. At this stage, you can request adjustments to the materials, finishes, and other elements.
4. Pre-final Adjustments
We incorporate all your feedback, add minor details, and characters, and then coordinate this version with you. Once you approve these changes, we proceed to the final stage.
5. Final Render
We render the final images in 5K resolution, ensuring they are suitable for use across various platforms, whether for print or digital use.
Our clients frequently request both interior and exterior renders for a single project. In these instances, tasks are often distributed among various artists to work on these images simultaneously. This method effectively shortens delivery time because we recognize the importance of time for our clients.
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